Free Your Mind, Clear Your Heart, and Create All You Can Envision

This customized mentoring program provides exceptional guidance to improve personal and professional results. Learn the steps and tools that have helped thousands of individuals transform their lives and generate tremendous success.

CAN YOU HANDLE IT? Do you want to start creating better results NOW?

As one of our Mind of Steel Mentoring clients, you’ll have the opportunity to raise your awareness with the direction of a Body Language Master! Using indicators from your own body language, including your words, tone, gestures, and behavior, We’ll assist you in breaking through your barriers.

Learn the techniques to recognize and replace unproductive patterns and move beyond faulty philosophies to enjoy greater success!

The mind power I have now, thanks to 3 Key Elements, amazes me. And the best part is that it continues to grow. I am no longer a victim of my moods. Attending just one of Kirk Duncan's classes is life changing!

Heather M.

My life will never be the same, Kirk's events have awoken a side of me I allowed to fall asleep, an ever expanding energy has now become a part of me that will forever move me forward over every wall I will ever face. Nothing can stop me now.

Brandon H.

Thank you for opening my mind up to a whole new world of being able to influence others. I'm so excited to share this new outlook on life. I learned so much!

Chemene J.

Excellent program with so much value. When you attend a course you not only get so much insight in how to up level your life....but you also get offered AMAZING discounts to future classes. So it's just full of value! THANK YOU!

Rae K.

Man, this is so worth the time and money! I'm walking away with so much wealth of knowledge and strength to change my life for the better. Thanks Kirk, you rock!!

Lloyd W.

This course was amazing! Colleges and Universities do not teach the priceless principles that change lives. I highly recommend anyone take this course. You won't be disappointed.

Corey J.

3 Key Elements provides The BEST Self Development and Coaching ever!! I love the whole brain learning approach in order to retain and implement everything easily and consistently. It's so affordable and worth it! I highly recommend for anyone and everyone!

AnnaLea H.

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