Kirk A. Duncan

Kirk Duncan, President of 3 Key Elements, is a trainer, mentor and body language master.  Spend just a moment with him and he will have a positive impact on you.

Growing up in Wyoming and loving the outdoors, Kirk has an appreciation for nature and the powerful lessons it provides... Fishing, hunting, camping and horseback riding are a few of Kirk’s favorite things to do.  He often draws from his life experiences to teach powerful principles to help others move forward.

Kirk reminds people, you have two choices…

Fear  or  Faith

Kirk loves to help people find the obstacles(fear) that they face and show them how to get through them(faith).  He has taken the tools he’s discovered through many years of observing people’s body language and developed a system for training and teaching others in such a way that they experience breakthroughs quickly and permanently.  Whether to a crowd of hundreds or a single individual, Kirk’s style of teaching uplifts, inspires and motivates his students.

Body     Mind     Spirit

Like Kirk says, “Success comes from the body, mind and the spirit all working together.”

 “I have watched so many people transform right in front of me as they harness all of their power.  It is when we allow our body to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, that we lose power and momentum.  You can teach your body to be powerful and confident!  It just takes a little training.  You can be strong and successful!” ~Kirk Duncan

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Body Language Show BLOOPER Reel

December 2013
Body language tells us a lot... and sometimes it's pretty funny!

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